Logotipo de Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad



Number One Festival in Ibero-America
As every other consumption habits and economics related activities, and due to the connectivity and current globalization, the advertising industry is in constant evolution.

Advertisers change their strategies, media offers new communication vehicles, and agencies sets new creative ways.

The world's most important festivals had changed through time to adapt to the evolution of the communication industry. In our region, FIAP has been since its beginnings the role model to follow, setting trends, that subsequently were copied by other local and international festivals.

FIAP was the first one in the region to develop the festival structure based in the Contest / Exhibition / Conference trilogy.

The first one to show to the world the Ibero-American talent.

The first one to exhibit all entries, representing the largest ad exhibition in Latin America.

The first one to gather in one single place, more than sixty juries from different markets to evaluate and award all entries. This sets the debate and exchanges between juries, warranting the festival's transparency.

The first one to encourage the development for the upcoming generations, through contests as Young Creatives Triathlon, Students discipline, and the Educational Institution of the year award.

The first and only in the world, to set an entirely new judging and awarding scheme: La Copa de Iberoamerica, that awards ideas, independently the media it was used.

The first and only to have a jury that evaluates the works live, in front of a live audience.

The first and only to broadcast live, and to the whole world, through a digital TV Channel (ADTV), the juries debate when awarding TV’s Grand Prix.

The first one to call and gather the most distinguished professionals in the communication industry, to present their works, concepts and ideas: John Hegarty (UK); Dan Wieden, Luis Miguel Messianu, Aldo Quevedo (USA); Michael Conrad (Germany); Bob Isherwood (Australia); Basil Mina (South Africa); Milo Manara (Italy); Miguel Ángel Furones, Toni Segarra, Luis Bassat (Spain); Washington Olivetto, Andrés Bukowinski, Marcello Serpa, Nizan Guanaes, PJ Pereyra (Brazil); Carlos Baccetti, Ramiro Agulla, Pablo del Campo, Fernando Vega Olmos, Hernán Ponce (Argentina); Juan Carlos Rodríguez (Colombia); among many others.

The first and only to encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge between the different Creative Clubs of the region. The Circulo de Circulos is annually presented at FIAP, getting in one place the most representative entities of Ibero-American creatives. An open debate, to set joint policies and concrete projects. Likewise, to strengthen the bonds with the media, advertisers, and consumers.

The first one to show the region's creative talents to the world, with over 60 Post FIAPs every year, representing a valuable asset to the spreading and positioning of the Ibero-American advertising.

The first one to award production companies works.

The first one to give a place to Media Agencies, through conferences and presentations, and implementing an exclusive discipline, with an exclusive jury.

The first one to promote open debate amongst all the industry agents: advertisers, media, production companies, agencies and representative entities.

The first one to award the Advertiser, Production Company, Agency, and Network of the year.

The first and only to give recognition to great advertising personalities, through Ibero-America's Hall of Fame.

The first to strengthen bonds with other regional festivals across the world. THE CUP, festival of festivals, that gathers the best Asia-Pacific's, Europe's and Ibero-America's works.

The first and only to provide a free online entry system.